Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Celebrex - what a wonderful drug - on one hand it's there to take the pain away, but on the other hand if you take it before bed it plays havoc on the sleep pattern, like I want to sleep till noon :-), so since I couldn't hall my butt out of bed, I ended up getting on the trainer for 65 min @ lunch and kept the old ticker in the Zone 1 and averaged 126. I am falling in love with the iPod, soon to be iTouch (need a bigger screen to watch movies while I spin), now if someone could point me to an educational experience, say learning a foreign language while I am spinning with the iPod that would be "Way Cool".
I see the training is winding down for a relaxing Saturday off :-)prior to the Sunday run, (hey Tim, since there is no race what do you want me to do?). Ciao

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