Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's Sunday and I was hoping for a better run then that. Today called for a 20min warm up then the field test which consisted of 1 mile @ the middle of Z2, the next mile at the top of Zone 2 then an all out mile, keeping tabs of the heart rate and time, well here are the not so good results,
Mile 1 8:13 Avg 147 Max 155
Mile 2 7:57 Avg 154 Max 160
Mile 3 5:42 (3/4mile) Avg 166 Max 170
I couldn't finish the 4 lap on the track as I was getting a full on stomach cramp, I am sure it was just a bad morning/afternoon, the winds were blowing about 15 to 20 mpr and my heart rate would go up every time I would head one way on the track. either way that's what the results were.
Time to rest for a bit then get on and do my 119min bike spin. @Z1.

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