Sunday, January 27, 2008

In south Florida and the warmer weather was nice when I started to run (its been in the 40's in O-town lately)all thought the humidity was way up, I think my shirt was soaked by mile 4. Started the run (a 89 min run as 71 min @ Z1 and 18 min @ Z2) so I was excited to get this in, my fist real crack at the Zone 2 run, and it was a great run. Overall 1:32 run with two laps on the Polar, the first being 71 min in Zone 1 "Avg 137" and the second a Zone 2 finish with a "Avg 151" for the remainder of time. Didn't have the GPS so I don't have the breakdowns on the miles, aside from a small sprinkle of rain the run was just great.

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