Saturday, January 19, 2008

Way cool - its "New Block" time, which means I am officially in Base #3 and it'S time to kick in another gear, I see Zone 2's, Bounding, Bricks, BST (Bike Strength Training), so tomorrow I go after at the track for another stab at the heart rate and time test for the T, then on to the funs stuff.
While I have evaluated the last 8 weeks of base and have noticed my base pace has improved pretty nice and I am quite please, I see the next for weeks I am going to need extra sleep (my word for recovery), but I am very excited its here.
On a cooler note I was gazing on the wall of fun (this is where I have my special moments of time put up for me to remember the accomplishments I have acquired) and I noticed there was a kind of blank spot which was screaming for something to be there, Mickey and Donald were lonely they have been wishing for their long lost buddy GOOFY, so next January 2009 I will be running the "GOOFY CHALLENGE" at Disney, this of course will be the 1/2 on Saturday the full marathon on Sunday - yea I'm nuts but what the heck is life with out challenges? Isn’t that just normal, well you all know me, there will be no normal here. So first Ironman CdA then hopefully Hawaii, then Disney should be lots of fun, I keep you posted on the sleep....

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