Saturday, January 26, 2008

The weekend has finally came, but not with out a furry of activity, trying to finish up activities at work for my trip south for a number of days, really close friends lost his mom and we wanted to take as much time as possible to be there for them, they are the nicest peeps in the world. Got the bike and the run in on Friday, the shoulder was pretty soar so we waived off the swim hopefully one last time. But on Saturday, I really got to start riding and running. The bike workout was good, I was really concentrating way to much on the watts and blew the hell out of the heart zones, will really need to work that (will talk to Tim to get clarity on the approach. Traveling right now so don't have the SRM report (not sure I want anyone to see the crazy ride anyway), but I was able to map out the ride.

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