Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Bike is coming along real nice. Started out at 7:00 for just shy of 4 hours with the CFY-Tri group, the group is growing in Size WOW, there must of been 30 cyclist luckily they split up into 3 groups our was about 10 riders, nice steady work out (don’t worry Tim – I kept a close eye out on the heart rate) the goal was to stay off the lead. The ride worked out to be right at 4 hours out there time with about 80 minutes in Zone2.
It was nice to here a cyclist share they like riding behind me because I was steady at pacing, what with a Zone 1 and a 90 rotation, I really have seen a foundation start to grow. The winds were out again, mostly at our backs on the way out, which lead to a nice head wind coming back – which is where I picked up the Z2 part, all in all I am still not getting enough nutrition in, today was a shot block bag and 2 gels, I need to get to a Gel every ½ hour (so that would have been 2 shot blocks and 4 gels + the drinks) Thanks Jesse I will work on that. Can’t wait for the run if it was like anything like last Sunday – groovy!

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