Monday, February 18, 2008

It’s Monday, and this will be the last update for the rest of the week, since I am on vacation in the Bahamas Islands. But I was good and did the workouts on Saturday and did the run on Sunday. The run Sunday was the 1/2 marathon distance, where Tim (my coach) had me run a specific pattern since I couldn't find a real race while here, so in the morning I headed out and did a significance warm up then went into the pattern.
The run itself was great except the dead legs still and end of the run, the part that Tim I'm sure was the important part. So the pattern was warm up, run 2 miles mid Z2, run 2 top Z2 and 2 all out. The first 2 were fine, I noticed going into the second 2 the sun was heating up pretty good and it was getting up there in temperature. Need less to say, as I hit the end of the second 2, I was also running out of fluids (not planned to well) so I hit the all out and was building into the run when I hit just shy of the first mile and just was starting to overheat horribly - to the point I could not maintain running. I need to find water fast so I stopped on the side of the road and walked up to a gas station where I was able to cool off and dehydrate but of course by that time I was spent. The chart shows a pretty solid effort up until the checkout period, but I think it shows good progression.
So I am off till the end of the week (recovery week) and I will be taking this time to heal the very tired legs but hey that’s what recovery is all about, I am thinking I am going to come back even stronger.

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