Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SOOOOO Cool, today was a recovery and that was really nice since my legs still feel like tree trunks, so it was 60Min in RZ and then off to a 30min Z1 run (that’s where the cool comes in) So after the ride, I hope off the bike and take off, the run is my choice RZ or a Z1, well you would of thought the run was going to be bad, but no it felt great.
I headed off staying Z1 and here is why I was so excited
Mile 1 8:16 134 AVG
Mile 2 8:06 138 AVG
Mile 3 7:58 141 AVG
That is cool all in Zone 1 and with what I thought was dead legs, can't wait to see how I come back after the week off.

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