Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wow so Mondays are starting to look very nice to me right about now. Seems they are about the closest to a day off, it was a short recover swim in the am and a short 60 min R-Z spin. Again WOW I am tired crashed about 9:45 on Sunday and last night I crashed at about the same time and last night my shoulder is still pretty soar, I think its mainly from the therapy work done on it Sunday and swimming even though it was real easy.
So I decided the swim this morning was a no go, one I couldn't get up and 2 it was still soar. Today’s Bike work out was pretty frik'n hard, my legs feel like tree trunks and man even though the ride was in Z1 my legs were feeling it and then those 3x10BST OUCH oh wait then that run NOW that was actually the hardest to get moving - thankfully tomorrow is a recovery day - I see this week getting hard :-) (I'm up for it - not sure about the legs)

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