Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mondays are turning into a total melt day, seems after Thursday, Friday and then the weekend of training, Monday can't seem to come fast enough, even though its not a day off, but the short swim, light spin and fall a sleep on the couch before 9:00 I beg to differ, it clearly is a day to catch up. Then there is Tuesday, and were off to the races again. so the swim produced a 800TT of 13:37 and the Brick with the BST are a KILLER on the legs, the overall work out produced an Avg 133 Heart beat with max 156. The BST reports look like this, oh sorry Tim no SRM - thought it was on the bike and when I got on it nope :-( - anyway the first BST 147 Avg 151 Max, second BST 145 Avg 152 Max and the final one 149 Avg and 150 Max, not to mention the dead legs. The Run's first mile was a quick 7:27 mile and 148 AVG and Max 156 with the rest of the 30 min avg in Zone 1. Now that's a workout....

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