Saturday, March 29, 2008

The peace has settled back in - got some rest (still need more) but was able to get out on the bike for a little ride and a run in the country, stats for the day are;
Day total 4:43 Avg heart 129 Max 153, breaks out like..
Bike 4:02 245 min 160 Zone 1 avg 124, 82 min Z2 avg 130.
Run 41:01 Avg 140 with a max of 153 (it was a hill)
OK, the cardio has now surpass the legs ability, the day was great about 65 when we started and finished around 78 at the run. the Z1 was fine, just sit back and spin - the Z2 ride was fine for about 45 min but after that my legs were screaming for me to slow down - definitely see the body adapting to the training, now I get the legs to catch up.
The run was perfect, although I had to work to keep it in Z1 run, I did take a reading on a mile time, 3rd mile 8:54 right at 142 heart average for that mile.
The nutrition seems a little better - still not happy with the shot blocks, they are still bloating me. There was 84Oz of Powerbar drank, 3 Jells, 1 Clif bar and a 1/2 a bag of shot block, the bloating acured right after taking them. The sweat was a little salty the urine was a good color, I think next week I will leave out the shotblocks and see how I feel during the ride.

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