Sunday, March 16, 2008

Race day report - I am pretty stocked, the morning went well, normal pre-race meal @ 5:30, then off to the race. Calm morning the water turned out to be about 70 degrees, so I wore the shorty, better comfort. I was geared up for a spot at the top and a PR, just felt like a good day. The bike was outfitted with Zip 909 in the back and a HED three spoke on the front - set for speed. The STATS;
Swim 33:42 Max 158 Avg 151 (yea I know it sucks, but hey the shoulder :-)
Trans Leg 2:04 (about a 1/4 mile run to T area
T-1 1:06
Bike 1:02:35 Max 160 Avg 156 (ok a little hard)
T-2 1:49
Run 42:08 Max 156 Avg 155
Total 2:19:53 PR by 8 min

So I am including the SRM report & since the bike looked so sweet, why not that too?<

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