Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Well the time to try to hit the pool with laps, I started with a nice warm up of 300 and moved into a simple 100 repeats 10 of them on the 2:00 min. I was doing the 100's in about 135 (didn't want to push the shoulder) after about 600 I could start to feel the pressure in the right shoulder and just tried to take it easy. I am going to keep at it and see if it will just works its way out..

The Run wasn't so good either, my allergies were acting up so I took one of my AllergaD and I think I took it to close to the run, because by the time I started the run at 11:45 my heart rate was already elevated. Normally my heart rate is at about 55 to 65 but today it was 84 before I even started to run. I did 8 miles in 70:15 with an avg rate of 139. I spent more time in the high part of Zone 1 and it was very hard to keep it down, I will want to keep an eye on that and will see how Fridays run will go.

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