Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wow the weeks are flying, seems I need to pay attention to details, I can see I am slipping on the Calorie intake, seems the bad stuff just likes to go in the mouth without thoughts. This next 14 weeks are going to be very important for health, stamina and recovery. Have started on the Endurox after workouts and I feel much better much faster now attention to the rest of the day will be my goal.
Wednesday - Swimming long slow distance (shoulder rehab)
Thursday - Biking and Lifting (Z1 Last week of Base)
Friday - Swim and short run with 30s Speed outs :-) love those
Saturday wend out for relaxing lake swim (nothing hard)
Mainly a day for a little rest prior to the Olympic distance at Moss park ( let you know how it goes - all the stats.....

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