Tuesday, April 15, 2008

After a well deserved rest day on Sunday I was back at it. Monday was all about recovery - recover swim and recovery spin both got the blood moving and eventually the mussels responded.

Tuesday was just awesome - the workout was a brick all in Zone 1, so the bike was booked at 149 Avg watts and 125 avg HR followed by a run also in Zone 1 - but hear is the awesome part (now I know it was a cold morning, but still) 36 min run after the zone 1 spin. Mile 1 - 8:09 avg 136, Mile 2 - 8:00 avg 139, Mile 3 - 7:59 avg 141, Mile 4 - 8:00 avg 141 and used the last 1/2 mile as a cool down pace of 8:31 avg 136. Can't wait till Thursday's mid day run and Sunday's morning run to see how the numbers hold up.

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