Saturday, April 26, 2008

As rides go, this was a so so ride, I decided the hills would be good, since IM CdA is pretty hilly and I should get ready for the challenge, not sure if I actually accomplished that goal, yes I spent some times riding up and down the hills, but I think I get a better sustained workout (training) when the road is flat and I can concentrate form, power and cadence. I am sure they were all present in the workout, but very inconsistent as made evident in the SRM report about. When it was all done, the legs were tired and there was allot of sweet left out there, but some evaluation will be needed....

The run.. was, well the run was hot and it lasted 45 min. I bounced in and out of Z2 mainly due to the heat, ya see, I decided I wanted to see how the weather is going to feel in a week and in June, so I sleep in and went out around 8:30 so by the time I hit the run it was pretty dam hot at 1:00 - I'm thinking about 87 you know typical Florida.

By the way the Bike/run on Friday was pretty nice, but the swim was great - I decided to push the 50's a litle faster (don't worry I was watching the shoulder) and was doing them on the 50's including rest for the first 10, then added a litle more rest then pushed on through the last 10 at a pace just slightly off the 50 - a real tough but good work out - I want to get faster!

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