Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conditions REALLY do play a huge part on the run, the last couple of weeks have played a pretty toll on the body and I have noticed I have been pretty tired lately. Now I know its probably more from work, but I have been training harder then ever before. I felt pretty tired last night and I saw that Sunday was suppose to be cloudy and rainy - so I figure I would sleep in a little longer and run at 8:00 instead of 6:30. The run was nice for the first hour then bam the sun breaks out and the clouds part, now its starting to get hot fast and I am starting to notice the amount of sweat -its allot (turns out I went from 175.4 to 169.8 during the run) I took in 2 1.4oz gels and 2 bottles of 10 oz liquids, that's almost 5 lbs?
I really need to get a grip on the salt intake. Anyway as the run went on I was noticing the speed drop and the heart go up, there's the breakdown of the run. I am wondering should the runs be later in the day? you know train for the conditions?

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