Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I think my arms are going to fall off. The morning recovery was uneventful and actually relaxing the lunch swim, well that was tough...

The workout called for 500, 400pb, 100k, 200 then a 400TT, 200TT, 200TT then 5 100 with the last one being clocked in as a 100TT, so I think I figured out the score correctly, it's "14:26" (6:18, 2:56, 3:06 & 1:33 were the times in order), lucky I had a few folks there to help me pace out since I am known for going out too fast and then dying out completely And even though I tried, I still fell off pace, especially on the 5x100 I really started to fade fast on the last 2 100, and even though it was an all out, I had a hard time making it a solid effort since I was pretty shot. I also should tell you that took a toll on the shoulder.

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