Saturday, April 12, 2008

The last week has been a bit of a blur and training suffered for the second week in a row, but I am confident that we should be back on track. This weekend I was suppose to be racing in SW Florida, but the race was canceled, so I had to scramble and find a race and as it turns out it happens there was one in North Florida.

Well as it stands the race was a PR for me. My last FULL Olympic was St Antony's at 2:41:33 but as far as a Statistical race "not so much". The only results I have is from the Garmin (the SRM's plug was not in at all - what a moron) and it reported a 2:33:33, although the race results I think had me at 2:32. The water was great and I did better then last Tri, the bike and the run portion were suppose to be fast with a few rollers (at least that's what they call them) being from flat Central Florida they are more like hills, but I was able to maintain about 21.5 mpr on the bike portion.

The RUN was the the best even though it was pretty hilly, I told my self I was going to go out at a comfortable race pace and try to negative split each mile, it was pretty hard but I DID IT. check out the table above - I missed the first mile so the first time is 2 miles but they went down each mile and if you look at the elevation it was pretty tough the last mile 1/2, over all VERY VERY PLEASE with the results. Sorry Tim about the SRM one of these races I will be able to actually get a reading, as far as the bike I would say as a PRE I would put it at a 7 not all out but very steady.

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