Thursday, April 17, 2008

Love the strength workouts & today was no exception, bike this morning and run in afternoon. The bike was all about the BST's and the run was all about the BOUNDING. Found a hill that will work for the bounding, its about a 1/4 of a mile and sits just around 5% grade and while kicking up the dam thing it clearly gets my heart to the max and legs to weakness. Here are the stats for the run, the SRM is above for the bike (I realize next time I will hit the interval button at the beginning of the BST and at the end of the effort).

The temp was 75 and Sunny (getting use to the heat), warmed up running for a mile and went right into timing a mile 7:39 avg HR 142, the Bounding was run up for 1 min then recover run for 3 min including a fast turn over back down the hill then repeat for a total of 6 bounding.
# 1 HR Max 165
# 2 HR Max 164
# 3 HR Max 163
# 4 HR Max 164
# 5 HR Max 165
# 6 HR Max 165
then run back in Z1 did clock one mile on the way back @ 8:34 Avg 143. Great workout.

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