Saturday, April 19, 2008

The sun is coming up earlier and its getting warmer faster - I guess that's a good thing, since most of the races in Florida are hotter then heck. Today was a a brick that consisted of 4:05 on the bike and 40 min run. The ride was just perfect, I called it "Riding the edge", today's goal was to ride at the high end of all the zones and get some good wattage to review. Within the 4 hour ride I went at a z2 ride for 81 min and again this was also done at the top of the zone. The Z2 ride stats were 212 Avg watts, 141 HB, 20.76 mpr and 27.6 miles covered in the 80 min interval. Over all on the bike I avg 132 with a max of 152.

The run... well that's a different story, I think my legs thought we were still racing, because I figured I would just go out by feel and see how close I was on the mark in Z1? - First mile 7:50 Avg 144HR, second mile (get it down) 8:00 Avg 147HR (oops wrong way) Mile 3 8:18 Avg 144HR, ok going back down, Mile 4 8:430 Avg 147HR ok, some rollers and the sun was getting pretty HOT, and the last mile 8:59 Avg 145HR. NOW I think you have to subtract 3 beats just do to the heat, and I purposely ran with no shirt and in no shade - trying to get ready to race in the heat. I have to to tell you, I wanted to run much faster - but I could not get my legs to slow down - funny hu? - Well will see how the run goes tomorrow.

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