Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thankfully the week is coming to and end. What with the workload, the Disco deflating on me and squeezing in training where I can, its just been rather tight and I think I felt the burn from both sides candle. Since the Disco has been in the shop I have had this little Chevy that doesn't hold crap let alone my bike. As it would be I get out of the city to do my ride and low and behold NO HELMET -crap!! not stupid enough to get out on the open road especially out for 4 hours without head gear - so its off to the trail and a gazillion laps while dodging walkers, strollers, HOT babes (that was the toughest) and the dam dogs on leashes. Its 5 miles one way and I only have to cross one street - so not bad, I actually did 45 min on the training waiting on Harold, then off to the trail and a 40 min brick, as it was I cut the bike short 40 min did that later in the day on the trainer.
The bike was an over all average of 126 with the Z2 at 139.7. The run was 41:06 and was 4.7 miles with an average 140HB and other then the first 1.7 I averaged 8:27 Pace.

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