Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well, today was very different from yesterday, today my legs new there was no race, they were a little on the heavy side. The weather was overcast and 100% humidity, I got off just about 7:30, the Garmin didn't come back in time so I ran the Cady Way Trail, well marked and no traffic, pretty shaded also during sunny hot days (that was not the case toady). I was going to go out and see if I could pace out at 8:00 for the whole run, but after the first mile, I figured I should stay with what I am told to do, so I backed it off and got the heart down and started to just run in the low Z1 and working to improve the ticks on the mile, as you can the see the run was over all a decent run, the last 3 miles in Z2 were clearly VERY tough in fact the last mile was darn right painful to maintain a solid pace, my legs were really feeling the week and the last mile was tough to maintain and sort of pace it was more like a struggle to finish :-).
Mile 1 8:04 Avg 131
Mile 2 8:19 Avg 135
Mile 3 8:26 Avg 136
Mile 4 8:29 Avg 137
Mile 5 8:23 Avg 138
Mile 6 8:34 Avg 139
Mile 7 8:33 Avg 136
Mile 8 8:17 Avg 142
Mile 9 8:29 Avg 141
Mile 10 7:44 Avg 146
Mile 11 7:50 Avg 146
Mile 12 7:45 Avg 150
Overall 12 miles 1:39:00 Avg 140 and a Avg Pace of 8:15

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