Friday, April 4, 2008

Wow, Friday could not have come any sooner. I think the work thing is starting to ease up. The workouts have suffered a bit, I have got all the swims in, simply because they are at 5:00am, however the ZR bike and run on Wed got missed. Thursday was a little better, since I didn't have to get up and swim I got up and did the 45min Bike work out with some traceable BST's (see the SRM above) but the run was a disaster, a CC ran late and so I tried to smash in a run with some Yassos rather then go to the gym and get on the treadmill, well I didn't realize how hot it was out and took it hard. Did manage to get 4 Yassos in @3:15 ea and avg the heard rate about 159. Today I woke to a soar left ankle so I decided not to get on the bike, since I have a 5+ hour brick sat and fairly long run on Sunday. I did get in the swim and on a good note my times are getting faster, I am seeing what I thought were 800TT pace+10 actually coming in under the TT pace - and I am swimming them pretty easy.

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