Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wow, got to love that speed work, makes ya feel like 25 again,sooooo Cool. This morning included a Bike workout followed by a run (mile 1 Z2) then the rest Z1 run. Since I didn't have the SRM, I set the Minoura Mag850 and set it to 5 using a 50/16 ratio, what a crack up, if you know me I am so not a technical type guy, so I am down on my knees counting cogs to get the number. Anyway, the effort was pretty hard, and it was 3x5min with3 min rest in between and 3x2.5 with the same rest in between. I am guessing I was pushing around 350 watts (at least thats what it felt like) and the max HR were, #1-148 (obviously to light so I kicked into the gears mentioned above)#2-153, #3-157, now the 2.5 #1-160, #2-161 & #3 of which I died on 161.

The run was real good, first mile went off at a 7:14 and avg 147 followed by the normal Z1, however I was able to tick off a mile in the middle of the Z1 and it was a 8:05 avg 142 - Can't wait till Thursday.

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