Sunday, May 4, 2008

Days have been better and this day was not one of them. The day was going to be hot and I had a really good plan, however for the first time I got my first DNF. The swim was clearly short, but I am sure I swam it way to hard, because when I got out I definitely felt the heart pumping, into the T1 a little slow getting the long john wet suit off, and onto the bike.

I could tell my legs were still pretty tired but after settling down, the pace came ok, As you will see just about 37 mile marker my left glut reared his ugly head and it was pretty hard to maintain a solid wattage push let a lone a solid cadence so I backed it off a bit and tried to get into a easy pace, so when I got back to T2 I was not surprised by the blighting pain when I started the run and made it 200 feet and had to stop and stretch it out then continued on. I was looking a for a pace that might ease the pain and after 2 miles it was clear today was better served stopping then fishing and be done for the rest of the year (memories of three years ago) so my first DNF and a trip to the ART tent for some help... Another day hu?

Here is the Garmin Link

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