Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Rehab is going strong, stretching ART and active recovery is really helping. Yesterday I spend about 10 min on the bike and 30 min out running, which seems to help it along the bike still kind of makes it soar, but will be full strength by the weeks end. I am no longer thinking of pulling out of IM CdA, this last weekend gave me fits of bad memories, but I really think stopping (even though it meant the first DNF and hopefully last) was the best thing I could of done, any thing short of that would have been wicked delays. Staying on top of the swim and then some. Got in the Monster set which was 3600 of pulls and 100's arms are pretty tired but I was happy I was able to do all the 100's in 135 and did them on the 145 and set the pulls at basically 140 including the rest.

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