Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday was an early ride (I mean real early) Toni had scheduled a riding lesson today so that I might video her and watch her - so being a good husband the only way I was getting my ride in and the run to get home in time to shower, change and get over to the stables in time was to get on the road before 5:00 so I managed to haul my buns out of bed at 3:30 and got on the trail at 4:30. The ride was 6:30 followed by an hour run all in Zone 1(protection mode).

The ride was pretty steady except for the time on the trail, since its a lot of slow downs to make turns. But by 6:00 I was on the open road and keeping it fairly steady. Check out the profile of the bike :-)

The run following the ride was OK, the glute was still a little soar but it didn't stop me from running, the sun on the other had was out in full force. At the start of the run it was 93 and no shade which in turned kept me from running my normal pace. The humidity did help either, did just under 7 and could not keep it in Z1. I started around 8:30 and ended 9:40 and still was over the 143 and it just kills me to run that slow :-)

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