Friday, May 23, 2008

Wow, its been a long week, what with this dam glut - its making training even harder.
Swim and spin on the bike for 45 mins (kind of like a day off)
Good long swim and a brick that included 90 min Z1 and a 45 min run
the MONSTER swim that produces times for the TT (400, 200, 200, 100) 5:40, 3:06, 3:06, 1:42 I think the first 400 was a great improvement but the other 2 - 200 were about the same so the total was 14:34 I think that was an improvement over the last one and I bet if I did a straight out 400 I could do it in 5:30 :-). Had another ART therapy that night- gooooood timing glut and shoulder needed it.
I was suppose to run and bike for an hour, but after running for an hour it was clear I wasn't getting on a bike for a day or two (very soar) the run was really good and felt good during it, I average 8:12 ALL in Zone 1.
Today (Friday)
I got the 3000 yards swim and and since I am going to the beach this weekend after my monster ride and run in the am I will put some extra swim in for volume. Lets hope the weekend is good to me.

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