Monday, June 23, 2008

IM Coeur d'Alene(CdA) will go down in my book as a pretty nice (tough) but nice course. Let me say this first - I did not reach my goal of breaking 11, having said that I think the race was an over all success. The run was a PR despite being the worst run I have ever had on a IM race. It all started in the swim (1:23:39 -slowest time ever), obliviously the water was exceptional cold 59.4 race start temp and I think the first lap was pretty good but I struggled on the second and when I went to get out of the water, my entire left leg was cramping up and I could not stand at all. The calf was in extreme amount of pain, once they helped me to gain an upright position I was able to hobble to T1 where they had a hot tub and I was able to get in a for a second so that I could get my feeling back in my feet and left leg.

The bike went off as instructed 165 watts on the flats and 212 on the hills (these were some pretty big dam hills)and holding 212 was not so easy and didn't happen all the time. The winds picked up towards the middle of the first lap and were coming out of the south and got stronger during the second lap -but all most on plan to the tee (bike 6:19:29)<
The run is were hell came, out of T2 the goal was to run 7:55 as long as possible, hit the first 3 miles right at 8:11 ea, I was ok with holding that, but into the 3rd mile was a gradual ascend and as I got to the top the glute was starting to cause me some trouble, however the wost came as I went into the 4th mile which was a gradual down hill (Check the profile of the run) and my calf was cramping up and would not let me continue - so I stretched and walked it off and that would be the battle for the majority of the run - it wasn't till about mile 19 or 20 where the calf had eased up and I was able to put some solid running in (the glute and basically become so painful it was starting to just numb up totally), which I think is why I was able to push the run more in the last 6 miles, actually got a few 9:15 paces going. The GARMIN report

All in all had I not had the two injury areas I would have hit plan right on (thanks Tim) and even possibly broke the 11 mark.....

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