Sunday, June 1, 2008

Man o Man - thankfully the race is coming soon (although not soon enough). Today was a run through of all the tech, food and clothing. The TT was set up with the 909 Full Disk and the 3 spoke on the front. Had the seat moved forward by a cm and raised the bars up by a full spacer. On today's ride the glut was not noticeable (hopefully it stays that way?) The ride was pretty straight forward - three and a half hours in zone 1 followed by an hour and half run where all hell broke loose.

This heat is just killing me, after jumping off the bike an onto the run the temp was a blistering sunny 94 and full humidity. After 3 and 1/2 miles of doing everything I could to run in zone one, my core simply overheated and the only thing I could do was get to shade and try to cool off that lasted a full 1/2 of mile and I still found myself way overheated - so it was off to a bench and shade with a ton of cold water over the head.... any way after cooling the core it was home anyway i could get there, if you need to see the disaster clickme.

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