Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ironman Coeur d' Alene, sunny, cool weather, cold (really Cold) water and beautiful landscape is finally here. It's Saturday and it's rest time. If you would like to watch the live feed from the race click HERE or you can track me by clicking HERE which is a simple tracking tool, my number is 1477. I have been here since Thursday night late and Friday was the do all day. Get in a practice swim and check in then off to drive the bike course. I can see why my sister Janet lives here, it's really pretty area.

The Web site for the race is where you can get all kinds of information, like the bike course and the run course. The personal goal is to break 11:00 but that's if everything goes off just right. So the start is 7:00 Pacific Time, so keep my in your prayers for a safe but fast race. not sure how I will feel Sunday night so I will put some sort of blog up Monday. Until then....

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