Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thankfully that last workout is behind me now. Did a recovery swim yesterday although it felt like a full workout since the idiots at the Y let the pool get to 91 degrees and that was way to hot to swim in - yuk!! Anyway got my 30 min steady recovery swim in.

Today was a good day :-) Spent 60 min on the spinner (sorry needed to cut it short by 1/2 hour - but I will put that in later in the week) and then transitioned into a 6 min 50 min run which felt really nice (weather was cool)
Mile 1 8:27 A132 - M139
Mile 2 8:23 A139 - M142
Mile 3 8:06 A141 - M146
Mile 4 8:15 A141 - M146
Mile 5 8:19 A143 - M147
Mile 6 8:20 A143 - M146
Most of the higher max heart rates were simply running through the little inclines rather then slowing down (need to feel good) and it worked. Tomorrow I will take it easy and stay on the low side of Z1 (5hour Ride) and transition to the run - which will be hot but I will be ok.

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