Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This blog must be feeling the loneness, as its clear I have been neglecting my duties. But I have been working out and moving in a build direction (its good to be moving) Last week was well... last week it was slow and it made me feel OLD. So we are just ignoring it and moving on to this week. Sundays run was long and slow (I think there is a pattern here) Next time no taking time off - its just to dam hard to come back. Let's see Sundays run was 74 min long at a average of 139 HR and a snails pace of 9:32.

Of course I think someone did say to me watch what you eat after the race and that didn't even go in an ear :-). So its back to the grind and the weight room. Todays run was about the same except on a personal note running at 1:00 in Florida is just wack need to haul my ass out of bed earlier to run in the am, cause 93 in the sun is too hot - I'm sure you will agree -> 9:49 avg pace with a avg HR of 142 OUCH.

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