Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well its been a week, Yes I am still alive - Just resting. The trip home was hell, too many flights and too long of a day, that was last Tuesday and back into the office on last Wednesday (slow, but in) its Tuesday July 1st now and the calve is much better and the Glute is back to normal. Tim (my Coach) & I have decided in order for me to have a good shot next year, I really need to make sure the Glute is strong, so the instructions for the first month after the race - Week 1 REST (nothing :-) My favorite time of IM race), then for the next three weeks swim 3 days a week - just keep moving so I won't get fat and lunges 3 days a week to strengthening the Glute.

As for the rest of the year, I am going to work on getting faster on the run and plan on doing a marathon on November 30th where if I am healthy and strong trying to qualify for the "Boston Marathon" my other goal in sports. And then off to the races again in February where I will start to train for Ironman Arizona, yes I know I have done this race already once, and it's not like me to do a race twice, but after looking at all the races, the times and the courses this race was moved to November (it was in April) and I will have moved into a new Age Group(AG) so I will be competing as the youngest rather then the oldest in my AG, so I guess you could call that lining up all the stars and getting all the odds on my side then its just hall ass!! ENJOY THE PICTURES OF IMCdA.

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