Wednesday, August 6, 2008

OK, time is really get the best of me or shall I say getting away from me, what is it the age, or simply I am getting forgetful, either way I this work, is getting in the way of stuff... So I have been working out (well except Monday) see that was the B-day and well I was walking central park with a stoggie and no intension of lifting a finger of exercise :-) but what the heck its only 49, next year I may have to take off the whole dam month maybe even check out to the island and get real lazy oh wait I will be training (might need to build that in).

The Runs are coming along SLOWLY (OK who's idea was it to take a month off)this sucks... Sundays run was a 75min run when the the first half I averaged 8:40 and a avg HR of 136 and the second half avg 10:10 and a avg HR of 143 - talk about a fade.....

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