Sunday, September 28, 2008

It turnout to be just another crazy day - and did not get my 30min recovery run in, but I am sure the PT toucher I went though was sufficient enough for me (I will try to tack on the run sat.
Saturday The block called for just shy of 2 hours on the bike most in Z1 with 30 min in Z2 and Transition to a Z2 run for 25 min (lover that part) after that I tried to stick in the 30 min recovery run from Friday but that didn't work so good - I kept having to walk to get my HR into recovery so I bailed after 15min :-)

Sunday Today I think my brain took a vaca I was suppose to run 97 min run with 30 of it at Z2 some how while the road was hypnotizing me the run turn into a 97 min Z2 PLUS a 30 min Z2. It was a good run and I can tell I am getting stronger because the fade isn't so large anymore of course that could be the nice weather? So the recap shows (Click Here) The distance was a 1/2 marathon in 1:58:02 in mostly Z1.
so my questions is this: Are these accurate? If I want to run a marathon in less then 3:30 I need to be able to run the following?
5000m(5k) 21:52
10,000m(10k) 45:35
a half marathon 1:40:29
a marathon 3:29:30

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