Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday was a wash when I went to get up something in my back was waked and there was too much pain to get up and try to ride or run, so yesterday was take it easy kind of day day (the kind where football, Advil were my friends) so popped three Advil and went back to bed (sorry Harold for bailing on you the last minute) there was just no way anything was going to happen. As the day went on it started to ease up (thank God for Advil) anyway crashed early in hopes for a nice run on Sunday.

Six AM, it was 79 with 100% humidity and the heat climbed very vast, by the time I got in 12 miles (sorry Tim - I decided to put in both runs at the same time 55x2)it was staring to get HOT and by combining the 2 runs in I would at least got the run in just in case my back waked out. The 1:50 was good-slow-but good. Here is the stats and over view on the RUN

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