Sunday, September 14, 2008

This weekend was tough, coming off a pretty sick three days, I got Thursday's workout in and went downhill from there, didn't get much for workouts in since I when I wasn't at work I was home sleeping, I was able to get out Saturday and go down to the Y and get on a spinner in for 35 min and then off for a run for 35 min but the sun zapped me pretty good after that and I was back to resting and trying to recoup.

I wasn't sure what Sunday was going to bring so instead of my running alone I decided to run with the Orlando Runners club, thanks for the push Lyda and for the warm welcome from every one else (found a new blog to follow David's Blog Any way the run this morning was a new one and as anyone knows you introduce new to a routine and somethings going to go wrong and thats what happened, forgot the watch and when I reached into my gym bag to get my Garmin dead battery so it was run by effort probably slower then normal but thats ok - that's what base is about, I did step it up at the end and push about 30 min of what felt like Z2 so all is good and I am back to feeling good.

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