Sunday, September 21, 2008

The week was a huge roller coaster, starting to cool down and this week was sort of of a ease off week ending on a 5k. On a positive note, after talking more with the Ortho, he has decided to put some intensive Physical Therapy towards the shoulder rather then surgery. His comments to that were- he thinks the shoulder is weak to a degree & is most likely over worked rather then torn, so effective Wednesdays off to the PT 3x/week for 4-6 weeks.

The Race went good, I have still got to work on the start (I am still going out to fast) The first mile was suppose to be at 7:15 pace well by the time the 1/4 mile hit I was able to get the pace to 7:15 but by that time I was 15 to 18 second ahead of pace, put I maintained the 7:15 from then on, and on the second mile I picked it up to about 7 pace and then finishing back around the 7:15 pace over all a PR @ 22:03 one of these days I will break the 21 mark, but for now on to the bigger training races. The full Garmin report is HERE

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