Monday, September 29, 2008

Wow the legs are really feeling the effects of yesterday and Saturday, so the recovery was just that "make it to the end to recover" a 30 min on the bike followed by a 20 min run all in recovery.
A note of relief, my own Orthopedic Doctor has not been to good with his follow up, I have had the MRI some 3 weeks ago, and I guess if its not really bad he doesn't give you any time, so I had a very good friend of mine interrupt the MRI finds for me since its all in doctor talk, any way here is the jist of it:
"I’m not an orthopedist, but what I understand is that your rotator cuff is inflamed and bruised but not torn… so no surgical solution needed, but your ligament (the labrum which attaches bone to bone, i.e. holding your joint space) towards the back of the shoulder is frayed, although not clearly torn..
Lastly, you injured the bone (did you wrench it or remember really straining?)…so some articular bruising or inflammation… A second opinion is usually not a bad idea…..It would appear that rehab is the way to go for now and therefore avoid straining that shoulder to prevent further damage……You don’t want to tear the tendons or the ligaments…..take it from me!"
Tim could this have been from staying in the errow position and grabbing the bars to hard while climbing the hills?

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