Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall is moving is no quickly and it shows in the pac runs and the recovery. From Friday to Sunday night the temperature has dropped from 91 to current 67 with blustery cool winds (love it).
Day got really busy so I was not able to get the ride portion in on the training, but the run was great, ran 60 min and Avg 136.
The work out was 126 min, but since I missed Friday, I went out 60min in ZR, 60min in Z1 and spent 50min in Z2 followed by a nice 35 min run in Z1 (all felt GREAT) Sunday
The schedule called for me to split up the run 75min in the am with 30min in Z2 and run was definitely challenging, at first when I started I thought I was weigh up in the HZ and when I looked down what felt very labour's wasn't even in Z1 yet, so the first 2 miles were a struggle and I finally settled in and started to feel good. The air was cool and the run times were really nice. LINK for run
The second part of the run was just one of those just make it through the run, again the legs felt tired and the heart felt labored, but when I was done was quite surprised. 7 miles at 59 min all in Z1 and avg 8:37, but loved the run in the cool air.

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