Friday, October 10, 2008

Isn't it strange how fast for some reason time starts to move much quicker when you hit October, its like a blur, Halloween thanksgiving then all of sudden Christmas is her hu... Well the training seems to be fly by also the weeks are starting to be a painful (literally) blur when Saturday and Sunday come they are pretty torturous and Monday seems is the healing then the dreaded Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday workouts come and annihilate my legs with Friday to give me rest.
Monday Bike 45 followed by 20min Run
Tuesday Bike 75Min with those famous BST (killer leg pushes) and a 35 min run
Wednesday Bike 25min Recovery followed by 25min run
Thursday Oh the fun one Bike 30 min 4 min crazy Tabata (OUCH) and a 75 min run with (8)hill repeats.
Friday no time to workout Make up on Sat.
Cripps I 'm tired

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