Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Its been a few days since the race, the legs are coming around, have been doing all recovery work.
MONDAY 30min on the bike and 30min run all in RZ
TUESDAY 45min on the bike and 30min run again all in RZ. The Hip Flexors are still a little soar, that is the last residual felling from the race.
WEDNESDAY a full 7 mile run in Zone 1 (felt GREAT) so went out in the zone1 and finished the 7 in 56 min (love the cool weather)
Mile 1 8:06 Avg 136
Mile 2 7:59 Avg 137
Mile 3 8:00 Avg 142
Mile 4 8:09 Avg 142
Mile 5 8:08 Avg 140
Mile 6 8:10 Avg 140
Mile 7 8:19 Avg 142
The weather felt so cool (60degrees) I just couldn't help myself and went right to the top while staying in the zone "very nice" - love getting fast :-)

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