Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday - Sunday
The morning was just great.. I swear I am loosing my mind, forgot my chip, my gells and my shot blocks and the hotel is in the middle of the city and there is nothing open... OK so we go to plan B. Find a nutrition bar, and try to find some block (that didn't happen) the gun goes off and I am out my instructions hold 7:10 and well as you can see not so much, in the second mile a small bridge and towards the end of the second mile a pretty long and tall one (OUCH...) any way i started to get back to 7:15 to 20 but the legs (and me) were pretty tired and in looking back I am sure it was the nutrition any way, I pushed on and just keep telling myself "let's just see how long I can push this" as mile 7, 8 and 9 came around it was getting hard to hold anything and when I got to 10 finally a gel, but it was really to late. BY the way did I say IT WAS A PR 1:42:03. Sunday
80 minutes in Recovery run - ouch the legs were pretty soar for the first 2 miles but after that not to bad. 8.65 miles Avg HR 130.

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