Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yep - the weekend holds up to be strong workout and ever punishing training as usual.
132 min bike that had 92 min in Z1 and 40 min in Z2 - Followed by a 60 min run 30 in RZ and 30 in Z1 felt good all around (actually spent most of the ride at about 95 to 100 cadence which for me was pretty good (although my legs were tired)
Spin for 55min on the trainer followed by a 2 hour 10 min run (Tim - that reminded me of last year) when I went to do the last 30 min Z2 my legs were just SHOT) of course they probably feel better then yours in Kona, HI. I ended up about 6 min short on the run, The splits are up on the right and here is the LINK to the workout.
Big Shout out to Jesse, Cait and Tim for the great racing times at IM World championship (Sorry your wife beat you Tim - but hey who better to get beat by?).

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