Thursday, October 16, 2008

The week is going real good, workouts are tough, its strength time and boy am I getting it, the body can feel it also.
Starting to like them, its like a day off. 40min Spin ZR
Bike Speed work - 60 Min with 3 BST in it, followed by a T run for 45 min, thats a good one (really tired after that one).
Sort of a recovery Workout - 40 Min on the bike ZR and 35 min running RZ
Today (Thursday)
Very Fun - Speed work 60 min (25 min Z1) then track work 2-800 followed by 2-400 then cool down run. The 800's were @ 6:21 & 6:28 pace and the 400's were at 5:47 & 5:41 pace WAY COOL!!!
And lunch 35 Min spin on the bike with a 4:00 min Tabata LEGS DEAD :-) in a good way LINK to details on the track work.

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