Thursday, November 27, 2008

The big day is around the corner and the jitters are setting in, rest follow the plan (thats whats playing over & over in my head) and all will work out. the last 10 days of work outs have been going according to plan with a few mix ups, just brain cramps, you know thinking its one day when it another wow, I can't imagine if I had a memory problem.
The plan has been handed out and WOW, this should be a fast race. I have to say the "trust factor" is getting to me, Tim said run a 1:39 for the half at Daytona (I thought - that was going to be tough) but I just kept to the plan and pulled it off in fact I hit 1:36:59 WAY cool, so this weekend the Coach say;
I want 7:30s. 1st mile at 7:25-7:30, and then settle into 7:30s for the remainder of the run.

AND well thats what it going to be! Couple of more work outs (figure I would wait till after the Thanksgiving feast to work out so as to get some of the extra carbs off :-) (don't worry Tim I was good) and a couple of days rest and were off to the races, here is the site for information Space Coast Marathon As soon as the race is done, the report will go up!! Thanks for all the coaching Tim!!

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