Sunday, November 9, 2008

MONDAY - Easy 45Min R ride (day off)
TUESDAY - Not so easy Bike was a 90Min Z1 with a 20Min BST followed by a 35Min T-Run Z2 & Z1
WEDNESDAY - Bike 60Min RZ and a T-Run 32Min RZ the funny thing that hit me today is how much farther I am going in the Recovery mode, normally its been about 3.10 but today I realized today by the time I hit the 15 min to turn around I was 1.70 and finally turned around (way Cool)
THURSDAY - Today was not so good, I can tell the load on my legs are getting to me. I had a 60Min R-ride with 1x4BST no biggy (did that at night) the run well that was different, for starters forgot the GPS watch so it was pace by feel. The run was 75Min 30@Z1 then a 5K speed work at 7:10 per mile, the first half of mile 1 was at 6:25 pace then tried to get in under control, which was not easy so I ended up doing the first mile at 6:50, tried to slow down 2nd mile, which was easy as I was getting pretty tired the first half slow 7:25 pace so I picked it up (too much) finished 6:55 which of course left me drained for for the last mile which was around 7:40 instead of 7:10 then a short rest then the last mile at 6:40 which ended at 7:00 - THAT HURT!!!
FRIDAY - another day off 58min bike RZ and 30 min R-run.
SATURDAY - A little over 2 hour ride on the bike with a 50 min Z2 ride (legs are getting real tired) then on to a 50Min Z1 run.
SUNDAY - The REAL PAIN sets in, today is a 50min RZ ride followed by a T_run for 2:25 at Z1 and 35 of the time in Z2. The heart rate monitor went wacky and so the run was going to be done on time and RPE and there was just no pace that felt good, the legs plain and simple hurt - they felt like tree trunks and by the time the Z2 part came up I was sure I could get there, so I reach inward and pushed a 7:45 for the last 4 miles _ so I guess I survived the crazy 2 weeks of overload (the last mile - I stopped but forgot to tun my watch off) I did that at 7:35 pace.

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