Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OK PEEPS, I know I fell off the blog and I have no idea where the heck the time went, these last couple of weeks have beeeeeeen crazzzy, I mean the work at the office and some of the other projects that I get myself into plus the work outs have been mounting up and they have been getting longer and harder and just as I thought I was going into a 2 to 3 week taper I find out My coach believes in one week tapers (what ever) and all this food is coming up (my favorite time of year, besides Christmas) during taper week wow I must have been nuts.

Put the times, well I got to give it up to the coach (thanks TIM), he as really got the times down and I am feeling pretty dam good right about now. Of course we all know whats coming next - put up time, yep its time to put up or shut up, the tools, the pain and the rewards have been given to me and the only thing besides getting to the starting line with everything I need is running it, getting very excited.

True to Florida the weather has finally broke and its been just wonderful. Its still early to get weather predictions so were just hoping for 50's in the am and clear cool day coming up.

Today was one of the final speed workouts, the last one is coming up Sunday. but todays was a cool one (Tim I like this one) Over and Under - hard but fun is a sadistical way, but you know us Ironman folks are we like it that way. so remember that one during the coming year. Anyway the feed of the run is up on top.
check in later....

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